The Heaventrain volunteer application process is simple and designed to ensure that volunteers are well-suited for ministry and that all children, youth, volunteers, and staff associated with the programs and ministries of Lighthouse, Inc. are safe from abuse and accusations of abuse. We appreciate your thorough attention in completing each piece below in order to begin as a volunteer.
In order to begin the process call 877.629.5621. Our Volunteer Coordinator will walk you through the following requirements:

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Allow for 3 references to be checked
  3. Complete a background check or send a copy of one from the last 2 years
  4. Complete a 1-hour sexual abuse training online through Ministry Safe
  5. Meet with the Volunteer Coordinator


Welcome to HeavenTrain!

We would love for you to join our volunteer family. Our volunteers are a big (and necessary) part of what makes HeavenTrain exciting and fun for the children. We play games, blow bubbles, sing songs, give out healthy snacks and learn about God with our kids from the Central community. The HeavenTrain bus ministry offers a unique way to actively “be the hands and feet of Jesus” by loving our neighbors.
HeavenTrain Volunteer Process
If you’re interested in coming to HeavenTrain check out the categories below to get an idea of what fits your needs whether as an individual, a couple, a few friends or as a bigger group. Our Volunteer Coordinator will walk you through the steps to get you set up to come to a HeavenTrain Saturday. Just call us at 877.629.5621 or email us at Our step-by-step process is designed to ensure that volunteers and groups are well-suited and ready for ministry with children. Please note that we are unable to let anyone that has not been approved through our child protection process to be part of a HeavenTrain Saturday without first calling in to our Volunteer Coordinator to be assigned to a core volunteer (see below). It’s a quick and easy but necessary step.


1st Time Volunteer (Newcomers)
If you are thinking of volunteering with HeavenTrain but would like to get your feet wet first, we offer newcomers the opportunity to come out and observe what a HeavenTrain Saturday entails. While at a HeavenTrain, you will be paired with a Core Volunteer who will show you the ropes throughout your time with us. You have up to 3 visits per year before being asked to complete our application process. It’s easy but a key part of ensuring that we watch over “our” kids while they are with us and around the HeavenTrain bus.

Church or Ministry Group
We are excited to welcome youth, church, and ministry groups of any kind to volunteer with us! Just give us a call and we will help you organize your group to ensure that you all get the most out of the experience while you share God’s love with the kids. To start, your group will be paired with Core Volunteers (see below) who know the ropes and have all been through our child protection process that guides them how to watch over the kids while they are with us and near the HeavenTrain bus.

Please let us know if your church has a child protection process in place, because it will help us set up the teams both for the first and future visits.

Corporate “Team Building” Groups
Corporate Teams are encouraged and welcome to be part of the experience on a HeavenTrain Saturday. Much like a Church or Ministry Group, we pair you with Core Volunteers who help each team member get the most out of the time spent with us. We will also walk the team through how we watch over the kids while they are with us and near or around the HeavenTrain bus.
Core Volunteer
Our Core HeavenTrain Volunteers typically have been with us for some time and look forward to coming out each year and most Saturdays from late April to early December. They know how to register the kids and get them on and off the bus safely, manage the healthy snack distribution and just play games and have fun with them while demonstrating God’s love for the community. They have also been through our entire application and screening process and know how to watch over the kids while they are with us and near the HeavenTrain bus. They also help our newcomers whether by themselves or in group to help maximize their experience on a HeavenTrain Saturday.

We are excited to have committed team members to this important community outreach ministry and welcome you to become a Core Volunteer! Just give us a call as noted above and our Volunteer Coordinator will walk you through the steps.

In 1982 a little eight-year old boy named Alexander asked Pastor Phil a difficult question…
“Preacher, if there really is a God, why is he letting me go hungry?”
The young pastor could not come up with an answer, and the question burned in his heart for days.
The next week, a young man that had heard of Alexander’s question approached Pastor Phil and gave him $75.00 in McDonald’s gift certificates.
“Here Pastor, pass them out! But make sure Alexander’s family gets some of them.”
When Pastor Phil saw Alexander the next week he knelt down and said,
“Alexander, you asked me a tough question last week, didn’t you?”
“Yep,” he replied.
“And I didn’t answer you, did I?”
“Nope.” he said.
“Well Alexander, I’d like to answer your question. Yes, there really is a God, and no it’s not His will that you go hungry. If your mom asks where you got these coupons, tell her that 2,000 years ago a man stretched out his hands on a Roman cross, and paid for them with His blood. So that this pastor could give these to you today. Alexander I give these to you in Jesus name.”
For over 28 years Cleveland Heaventrain has been demonstrating God’s love to Cleveland’s hurting children.
Yes, Cleveland, there is a God, and He loves you. His name is Jesus…